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"If you want to put one dollar into your enterprise, you should keep another one ready to announce it."
Henry Ford (1863 - 1947), American industrialist

Communication is more than pure placement of information: Creating transparency it creates confidence and thus important image benefits for an enterprise. A business that service providers and customers have confidence in will also be succesful in the market in the long run - notably for foreign companies as they have, in addition, to reduce stereotypes before being able to convince with products or services.

Speak with us about your concern! We are pleased to support you in the fields of:

Strategy/ Consulting
We offer more than just consulting. Our analyses will show you the particularities of the German market. On this basis, we jointly develop strategies aiming at adjusting your agenda and the cultural needs of the local market. > Here you can find examples of our international work.

The main methods of our strategic consulting are:
  • the Briefing (targets, target groups, motivation, environment, budget, general frames)
  • the Analysis (image sample of customer satisfaction, image sample of employee satisfaction, competitive situation, status quo, strengths and weaknesses, actual and debit)
  • the Conception (strategy, tactics, measures, schedules and budgets as well as evaluation in the field of public relations)
  • the Strategic Consulting (development of communication strategies, positioning of products and enterprises, organisation of business appearances, corporate identity development)
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Editing/ Press Texts/ Design
We write your...
  • ... press releases.
  • ... background texts.
  • ... professional articles.
  • ... newsletters texts and design.
  • ... leaflet texts and design.
  • ... advert texts and design.
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We organise your...
  • ... press conferences.
  • ... press trips.
  • ... fairs participations.
  • ... exhibitions.
  • ... conferences and meetings.
  • ... background dialogues.
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Press Contact/ Multipliers
We speak with...
  • ... journalists.
  • ... multipliers.
  • ... everyone who is important for you.
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