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Peter Bangert
Coach Berlin, NLP Coaching Berlin

Year: 1968
Chief Executive

Focus areas: Coaching for senior staff and teams, strategy development and consulting in the field of Public Relations, Strategic Positioning for Enterprises, (Re-)organization of Company´s appearance and Corporate-Identity Processes

My work philosophy: "If something does not work, do something else. If something works, do more of it" Steve de Shazar (1940 – 2005), American writer and psychoanalyst

Background: Degree in Sociology and Etnology, Bachelor in Pedagogy, qualified PR-Consultant (DAPR), Systemic Coach and Supervisor (GST) , NLP-Master-Trainer (DVNLP), Certified Consultant of the KFW, many years´ experience in sociological research, market research and in PR Consultancies, since 2003 CEO and holder of Pferd & Reiter, longstanding experience in SME-Consulting

Honorary position: Vice President of the association paradigma e.V. – Society for Living, Education and Work

Beate Hagen
Public Relations, NGOs Berlin

Year: 1971
Chief Public Relations

Focus areas: Stategy Development and Communication Consulting in the field of Public Relations and Public Affairs, intercultural Communication

My work philosophy: "Our desires are our possibilities." (Robert Browning)

Background: Degree in Political Sciences and Economic Psychology, qualified PR-Consultant (DAPR), many years´ experience in international Consultancies supporting international NGOs and Enterprises

Raquel Pérez Alonso
Public Relations, Intercultural Communication Berlin

Year: 1975
PR Consultant

My work philosophy: "Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision." (Peter Drucker)

Focus areas: International Public Relations and Public Affairs, Intercultural Communication

Background: Degree in Publicity, PR and Tourism, many years´activities in international Consultancies supporting international NGOs and Enterprises

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